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Virtual Admin Assistant - About Me

My Virtual Assistant Business Mission

I am committed to helping you streamline your business and contribute to your bottom line. My business strategy is to offer high quality support to successful busy people anywhere, virtually. By partnering with me you'll eliminate tedious and time-consuming administrative tasks without the costs and hassles of on-site employees. I will guarantee you receive high quality, timely and confidential business support. Rest assured that no matter where you are, I will be working for you...promptly, professionally, and with discretion.

About Laurie Westberg and for Office and Business Support

With a degree in business and marketing and 20 years as an admin assistant and marketing executive, I will provide reliable support and contribute to your bottom line. I have successfully virtually supported busy owners of companies for the past 8 years as an admin assistant.

A combination of a creative mind, business acumen, and self-discipline ensures that projects will be completed under deadline in a professional manner. An ability to multi-task yet be extremely thorough and detail-oriented would be words used to describe me. Perseverance would be another good word.

I have worked for high-power executives throughout the years who have expected the best and didn't settle for less. Working in Europe for years also gave me a huge opportunity to hone my customer service skills, as well as appreciate the value of customer service as a career. Having been involved in both the fashion business and interior design, I know the importance of business and marketing materials having an aesthetic professional appearance.

I am sure that there is something I can do for your business to contribute to the bottom line and to decrease stress in your life. My virtual assistant business portfolio of clients I've worked for over the years include lawyers, life coaches, marketing executives, interior designers, purchasing groups, family history research companies, speakers, event planning firms and writers.

Admin Assistant Computer Skills and Software Experience:

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Outlook

  • Quicken, Method CRM, QuickBooks

  • AutoCAD, Google Sketch Up

  • Constant Contact

  • ACT, Sales Force, Method CRM

  • Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogging

  • Adobe Photoshop

I'm sure that my skills and services can support your business.

Please contact me today.