Your Virtual Assistant Saves You Money









Virtual Office Assistant Service Rates

Hourly Rates:

$30 per hour, with a 2 hour minimum.

A retainer is required in advance for first time clients and the balance. Clients are billed weekly.

Hourly Rates Purchased in Chunks of Time (Monthly):

Monthly service rates for virtual office solutions can save you money, if you can guarantee a chunk of hours each month your hourly fees will decrease from $30/hour to $27/hour for a 10 hour rate and down to $16.50/hour for a 70 hour rate. Monthly clients are given preferred treatment.

Less than 10 hours ($30 an hour multipled by number of hours needed)

Choose hours less than 10

10 hour rate
$270; AVG PRICE/HR. $27

10 hours to 19 hours

20 hour rate $500; AVG PRICE/HR. $25

20 hours to 29 hours


30 hour rate $690; AVG. PRICE/HR. $23.00

30 hours to 39 hours

Up to 50% of unused minutes may be rolled over to the next monthly pay period.

Translation Rates

$.10/word or $30/hour